Terms of Service
At we attempt to collect as little information about you as possible, except where needed by some applications on our site, in which case some info, such as IP address or cookies, etc, may be used. Nothing weird. All the standard stuff you are used to. In fact our website is very small and very limited in its scope, so there isn't much for you to do here anyway.

We may use your email address to let you know about updates to our site or to a sister site, but will always give you the option to unsubscribe.

When we grow and the website expands to more functionality, we will definitely hire some big money attorneys to draft extensive terms and conditions with plenty of fine print. And when that happens, we will update this portion of the website so that you may have plenty to stare at.

But if we forget, and until then, we want to make it clear right here, and now, that if you use this site, you understand and agree to the fact that we disclaim any and all liability, of any kind, and you hold us harmlemss for absolutely everyting resulting from the use of this website.

Have a wonderful day !

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