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For our example, we're using a female named Elizabeth, and a male named Tony.
  • Step 1. Elizabeth has a crush on Tony. Hmmm... but does Tony like Elizabeth? Elizabeth is dying to know, so she comes to Message.com's Cupid Mail to send Tony an anonymous e-mail message!
  • Step 2. Tony receives an anonymous e-mail notifying him that someone has a crush on him! Hot Damn! He hasn't a clue as to who it may be, but he follows the instructions he received via e-mail and sends his own e-mail message to the person HE has a crush on! Lo and behold, Tony sends an e-mail message to Elizabeth!
  • Step 3. Our database recognizes the match that has just occurred and sends them both an e-mail letting them know they have chosen each other.
  • Step 4. We can't tell you what to do from this point on, we've hooked you up, so whatever you do --- don't blow it! Perhaps the two of you can exchange telephone numbers or set up an actual date!
In the event Tony sent his message to Juanita instead of Elizabeth, Juanita would get an email exactly like Tony got in step 2 and the whole thing starts over again!

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